Lathering Up With A Purpose

I am extremely thankful you chose my small business and the only way I can show you how much your continued support means to me is by giving back, therefore I am pleased to share that I have selected three local organizations to support!

Imagine a society where no child was hurt or experienced abuse, all diseases could be treated or cured, and no animals were harmed...unfortunately that is not possible and that is why I decided to do my part and support those who are trying to make a difference and donate $1.00 with every purchase of these products below on monthly bases. Each product represents one of these three local organizations that I believe in and support:

Parkinson's Foundation | Defenders For Children | Partners In Animal Care

Our world is not an ideal place, if it was these organizations would not exist.

If you would also like to know more or support them, please follow the links below and donate.- No amount is too small when you give from the heart!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill


Hibiscus Artisan Soaps

  • Parkinson's Foundation

  • Partners In Animal Care